Advantages And Disadvantages Of Commuter Student

 Suburbanite understudies confront numerous difficulties and preferences in their day by day course of general benefits. Nonetheless, a portion of the issue can stay away from by the understudies.

First of all we the disadvantages, which the students, face include traffic jams. Many students have to get up with the traffic jams in their vicinity, in the morning, and evenings. The students sometimes end up coming to school late. Commuter students also face interferences along their way home and even at home. Some of this interference shift their attention from class work.

 Commuter students also fail to get the student to student interaction which enhances academic work. Many of them do not see anyone to ask during the night in case of an assignment. These Students face another severe disadvantage, that of indiscipline. Many commuter students tend to be involved in non-academic activities while away from school.

 Although commuter students have disadvantages, they also have advantages. Many commuter students have a reasonable opportunity to interact with their families. A  family is considered to be an essential tool in the growth and development of anyone. Commuter students have a more significant opportunity to advance in their life by getting the opportunity to be with their family.

 Commuter students have the power to change the monotony of school. By commuting home, these students have the opportunity to enjoy the external world from school. The students can develop other skills apart from those of at school.

The commuter students also have a precious opportunity to spend a double life. I mean the student can live as students as well as regular people .this is because they have a chance to experience both lifestyles. In conclusion, commuter students have a variety of life as well as advantages and disadvantages.